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 Fire Cape Guide!!!!

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PostSubject: Fire Cape Guide!!!!   Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:29 pm

Ok well if you want to get your own firecape then tehres a few requirements. First Ireccomend you decide which tactic to take, range or mage. In either tactic i would recomend 70+ in the stat and if your ranging you will need atleast 40 prayer.

Ok Firstly we will start with what inventory and armour to take.

Range Inventory and Armour:

*NOTE* You can use a different bow and ammo, also if you cant afford karils use black dragon hide.

Mage Inventory and Armour:

*NOTE* You can use mystic or any other mage armour but i would bring at least 750 casts incase of spalshing and 0's

Okay now we will go to the fight caves.
-Firstly, you go to the magic tab and select "Minigame tele"

-Then select "Fight Pits".

-After you tele here you walk east until you see a bank and a white cave.

*NOTE* the blue is a bank and the red is the white cave

Go to the bank and get your inventory set.

Now as you enter the cave you will want to run to the safe spot for the rest of the caves. (if you are maging dont move from here because the monsters cant attack you here and you will not need prayer INCLUDING JAD) ^^^^^ Doesnt work for range.

^^^^The green is the entrance

Now the Waves will proceed as this:
1. A level 22.
2. A level 45 and 22
3. A level 90, 45 and a 22
4. A level 180, 90, 45 and 22
5. A level 360, 180, 90, 45 and 22 (pray for mage because the 360 will destroy you, just make sure you kill 22 then 90)
6. 2 level 360's
7. Jad level 702 (when he gets to half hp 4 healers come)


When you get to jad make sure that you start with range prayer on, 99% of the time he will range first. I would not recommend meleeing him so you dont need to worry about the melee attacks. When he ranges he will go up on his back 2 feet then stamp the front right back down. The mage attack he will stand up for about 3 or 4 seconds then stamp down while shooting a fireball to you. If you are fine at switching prayers then he will be very easy and you will have yourself a nice new firecape.

The bonuses of the cape are +1 to all attack and +11 to defence

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PostSubject: Re: Fire Cape Guide!!!!   Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:50 pm

Quote :
6. 2 level 350's

Change that to 360's.

Range Attack


Mage Attack


-David. pig
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PostSubject: Re: Fire Cape Guide!!!!   Thu Jul 09, 2009 4:10 am

I'm cb 125 and don't have the firecape!
I'm gonna try now, (I always died in wave 5 )

Thanks alot! sunny
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PostSubject: Re: Fire Cape Guide!!!!   

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Fire Cape Guide!!!!
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