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 Getting the CLIENT, extracting and playing!

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PostSubject: Getting the CLIENT, extracting and playing!   Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:21 pm

This is a guide on Downloading the EconPk client, extracting the files, and playing.
You'll need a program to unzip the file. If you already have a program that can extract the files skip down the the green line.
I recommend using 7zip, you can download it here -
Simply click the download link and save it to your desktop for easy finding.

When the download is complete, double click your 7zip.exe to install.

First thing, you will have to go to the Main page of the EconPk website. Link here -
There you will find a "Download Client" tab. Click it. You will be redirected to Mediafire. Or use the link here - download.php?z3z3kjzzdya
Once there, click "click here to start download...".

I would recommend to save the file to your desktop. (makes it easier to find)
After your download finishes you will have a file on your desktop named, "client v2.rar".

For those who know how to do the rest you're set, if you needed to download 7zip finish reading.
Go to your desktop (or where ever you saved it to) right click it and you will see a "7zip" option with a little black arrow next to it. Move your mouse over it and click, "extract files...".

Once it is done extracting, it will have made a folder on your desktop (or where ever you chose to extract to) named, "client v2".
Double click that beast. You'll then see a bunch of files, scroll to nearly the bottom.

There you will find a Windows Batch File named, "Run".
Double clicking this runs the client and you will then be able to begin playing EconPk!!

Thanks for using my Guide!! O and O2
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PostSubject: Re: Getting the CLIENT, extracting and playing!   Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:32 am

Thanks for this guide, it should help a lot of new players out.
I also think Bank should move this to Announcements and Sticky it.

-David pig
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Getting the CLIENT, extracting and playing!
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