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 Team Khaos 100+ Mage Bank clan

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PostSubject: Team Khaos 100+ Mage Bank clan   Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:25 pm

Team Khaos is a 100+ pk team which will dominate mage bank and the rest of the wild. We will do clan wars in deep wild with other clans. Team Khaos isnt a welfare clan, But at the moment we will accept wellfareing until the clan grows more but eventually, if you cant afford to pk with atleast one set of barrows then...well your not Khaos material.

Whenever we pk we will have atleast 1 teleblocker hybrid. This person is crucial and needs to have ahrims and a very good mage bonus. Also we share all loot with the teleblocker as it would be their kill but they are sacrificing the kill to help the team out.

Ok, So to be a member of Team Khaos you will need to be atleast 100 combat with atleast one combat stat at 99. Also you need 70+ defence because with 20 def your wasteing our time in wars as you will get destroyed.

Leaders:I__X__I, (open)
Co: (open)

War Application (not accepting at the moment)
Clan name:
What are the rules (no farcasting, in wild, in castle wars etc):
How many people:
Date and time:

Member application:
Stats (please post a picture its so much easier)

Can you afford to pk in barrows armour?
Will you listen to all commands given?
Will you teleblock is you have to?
Also add me ingame.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Khaos 100+ Mage Bank clan   Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:41 am

Jimmy, I'm currently training and I'd like to join your clan and possibly apply for co once I hit my required stats.


-David. pig
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Team Khaos 100+ Mage Bank clan
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