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 Liam's Staff Application (ADMIN/MOD)

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PostSubject: Liam's Staff Application (ADMIN/MOD)   Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:57 pm

Position: Moderator/Administrator

: I Reevesy I

Time zone
: GMT +10:00

Age: 15

Real Name: Liam

How can we contact you?: Msn, Webchat, Ventrilo & Myspace.


How would you rate your ingame impact?: I offer help in-game but as i am slightly new i do not have much to offer, In the other hand. When im Moderator/Administrator it make things easy for me.

Why would you make a good choice for the position?: Making good choices is what i do. Wink

Other Details: Read below..

Why i want to be a Admin/Mod?

Iwant to be able to help as not just a player but as staff, I have had many years in Experience with rs2/c servers and have been staff on mostof the projects ive played. I had just thrown in the rag for projectp2p yesterday, Turns out the staff talk shit behind other staffs back.

Project P2P

ProjectP2p had been the best server i had played in a long time, Before storkshut down and people kept making remakes of it. Project p2p has atleast40+ people on 24/7 and was good to moderate. I was a moderator onproject p2p for about 2 months but had decided to throw in the rag,Project p2p was too much for one person to handle.. Saying i was themost active mod there was for project p2p. It wasnt hard but it was thefact that it was annoying, People asked me too reset there defenselevel on a daily basis. One kid asked me to do it everyday just so hecould train with defence and pk as a pure..

I was also known as Wig on pp2p.

Through-out my time with Project P2p.. I have to admit, I had alot of fun.


Demonpkz was a very old server i played just after stork had shut down and ayear or two before i started with PP2P. It was great, It wasnt the bestserver but boy i had fun. Being along side I K T P Q and the other guysapart of the staff, Couldnt of gotten much better.. Just a few updateswould have done the trick.

I miss it.. Good old demon-pkz.

Haze PK

Hazepk wasnt a very good server i'm going to admit that, It had a customcity though. That was about the only good thing.. My name on therewould of been Reeves dawg at the time. I dont really have much to sayabout this server but being staff for that server was an honour when itstarted to gain players, i had more and more to do around the server,Check for autoers, Ban, Summon, Goto? What more should i say? It wasfun.

After a few weeks Haze PK had shut down due to ddosing.


I was a Moderator on BankHeadPkz RS2 & Administrator on RSC since day one as i was friends with Bankhead, I did alot for the server. Advertised, Helped out players, Posted on forums daily and even made this forum im posting on right now. I was very active on the server as i tried to be for the server.

Was a good server though.

Rsc - Reloaded

Rscreloaded was a great server as it had many features such as Customarmour called Crip and Hallow it was dropped by powerful spiders andwas a very good feature that atracted players, Also helped the economyout alot, I was moderator of 1shot & Anc13nts server for a month ortwo when it shut down randomly and had came back up this year.

Was a really good server. Too bad it didnt have the firewall and dedicated server to top it off..

Things good about me?: Im young, Im active, Im smart.. What more do you need in a mod?

Things bad about me?: I can tell you know, Not alot of things are bad about me.

That's it really,

` Liam.
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Liam's Staff Application (ADMIN/MOD)
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