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 The staff application(s) rule's and formats..

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PostSubject: The staff application(s) rule's and formats..   Tue Jul 07, 2009 2:33 pm

You must agree to the following rule(s);
As well as follow the following format(s);


Please phrase your title correctly, such as..

"Application for forum moderator, *INGAME NAME*"

Don't leave any questions unfilled.

Put the following details, just like i have them, in the code format..

My in game name :
Link to my highscores profile :
My real name :
My age :
My position that im applying for :
The reason why i can handle this position :
The reason why i can appreciate this position :
The reason(s) why i will NOT abuse this position :

My alternative characters : (Your pure, mage,tank's, etc?)
Your reputation on a scale of 1/10 :
What makes you different from the others applying for this position?
Have you ever pissed off bankhead?
Do you plan on doing it (again) :

Will you be willing to answer additional questions if you are selected?


You may not post a topic to apply for staff if

  • Another staff member automatically dissaproves

  • If you have ever been banned, or muted.

  • If you have below 30 posts on this forum

  • Your not able to speak, or punctuate properly

Note : This format may be updated at anytime, for any reason.
Note : If you do not accept to any of these rules, do not post!

~Econ Owner+Host+Coder
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The staff application(s) rule's and formats..
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